Church of the Later Day Saints – Lake Oswego, Oregon

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Lake Oswego. I lived in lake Oswego when the new Temple was proposed and built. I also had the great pleasure of participation in the public tours, it’s amazing that although you see no windows, they are actually thin white marble that illuminates the interior.There is no photography allowed inside (of the type we do here) but I hope to give you an idea of the magnificent temple architecture and temple grounds. When first built 22 years ago, the trees where much smaller and easier to work around.Every picture you see on this page is a link to see more, please click on each picture on this page to see the complete presentation.There will be three presentations, first will be a HD zoomable picture of the Temple (zoom in and see why birds don’t perch on the Angel Moroni), second will be a 360×180 set of panoramas of the Temple and grounds and then several pictures of the temple from different perspectives (all zoomable) Please click on the ‘about …’ for their physical address and a link to their web site.

Giga Image

(a giga image is a picture or panorama created by stitching hundreds of pictures together, this front shot of the Temple consist of 176 shots taken with a 420mm telephoto lens)

See why the Angel doesn’t have birds sitting on his head.


For multiple scenes click on the 4 little boxes, lower left.



7 Apr 1984 Temple Announced
20 Sep 1986 Ground Breaking
15 Jun 1989 Open House Start Date
8 Jul 1989 Open House End Date
19 Aug 1989 Dedication Date