VR photography started a long time ago, almost at the the beginning of photography it self. We had cameras that took panoramic images and cameras that took stereoscopic images. I remember traveling the world with my ViewMaster even today.

Today there has been great strides in panoramic photography that allow for Internet delivered super high resolution images of cityscapes and landscapes. Gigapixel images that allow you to zoom in and cleanly see details that are viewable when the picture is viewed as a whole.

There has also been great strides in 360 panoramas. Where once a rotating interior was amazing, now we have full 360×180 degree views. Add to that new tour software and tools that allow us to follow a path from room to room or exterior views from different perspectives allows the viewer to be IN the image, it’s interactive now.

Combine gigapixel landscape technology with 360 panorama technology and we now have the ability to photograph very large interiors and zoom into the rafters and see peeling paint and cobwebs.

The greatest limitation right now is our imagination.

The best part of this site will hopefully be the forums, come join and share your wisdom and benefit from others. It is NOT product specific, don’t care if you use 360-precision, Nodal Ninja, Autopano, Gigapan Systems, PTGui, Stitcher or any of the other panoramic tools software or hardware. Just come and share your work, ask for help and give advice.

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