Forensic Applications

What can VR technology can do and why you need it
VR  or Virtual Reality allows you to create a 3-d reference of an area, a room or a field of view. It allows that reference to be viewed repeatedly and without interference. In a crime scene, the area is prone to contamination from investigators and after the scene has been processed it’s original condition no longer under control.

VR allows you to evaluate a scene from several different perspectives as our samples will show. You can review the scene from the spot the crime was committed and from other perspectives as well. You can view and investigate the expect same scene today, next week or as a refresher before trial.

VR can allow you to evaluate a scene in detail before an event to help establish security.

VR can be used during an event to record the scene i.e. a bomb scare, the VR unit could be recording the entire 360 degree area. Later those images could be searched for s suspect in the crowds.

We have only touched on the basics, this really is the time for you to ‘imagine what if’.


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