The Virtual Museum


The Virtual Museum has arrived and it’s a great way to share our passion of collecting with the world! We do 360 degree Virtual Tours, and as our resume we invite you to visit Ken Austin’s Collection on line. You may already be familiar with it, as it was featured on the Hemmings Blog.

Now we can visit places and see things we would never get the chance to do otherwise. Why should we deny those that can’t make the trip? Plus, what better way to entice people into visiting your collection then by showing them what awaits them?

Virtual tours have come of age as we no longer are limited by image resolution and image size. Our work is full screen, and it has enough detail to read newspaper print from a few feet away from the camera. We can show a room full of cars, and then take you on a walking tour. We can even put you in the driver’s seat of a Jaguar XKE or the cockpit of an F16. You can have interactive image galleries with audio as well.

Have a turntable? We can show off the entire car, or train engine from a single perspective.
This requires two rotations, one open and one closed. Now if only the turntable was larger.

Since we collect cars, trains, planes and more, our collections are rare and have a history, and most of us want to share our collection’s history.

For the private collector, the options are limited to whom we want to walk around our cars, trains and planes.

For a museum or publicly displayed collection, we have hours of operation and staff to consider. However, the primary question is how do we get visitors in the door? We have found that more potential visitors will make the journey after they see what is offered.

A virtual tour just wets their appetites for more. Plus, you can sell DVD’s of the Virtual Tour online and in your gift shops as well. Please look at our samples and see what we can do to show off your collection, and promote your business.

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Thank you for your time and consideration;

Bill Jones