Object 3d Rotation

This requires two rotations, one open and one closed. Now if only the turntable was larger. This is very high resolution, it will take a few moments till the scene is in focus.

Just look at the soft, pastel colors, fine shimmering glazes and the way the sculptors of Lladro figurines have painstakingly given impeccable attention to every detail — there you see the trademarks of Lladro figurines, created to pass down through generations.

Lladro – Japanese Girl Decorating – Matte Finish1973-1998 Sculpture Vincent Martinez

7 1/2 X 6 1/4

Lladro – Don Quixote- Matte Finish1973 Sculpture Salvador Furio

7 1/2 X 6 1/4

Lladro – Clown – Matte Finish1970 Sculpture Salvador Furio

6 1/2 X 13 3/4


Set of Norataki Mandarin Ducks.
Set of Norataki Angel Fish.