Preserving The Past, a case for Virtual Tours

I want to show the merit of VR Photography as a tool. To provide a record that is accurate and as unbiased as possible.

It’s in ruins now, but it will be great after we restore it. The Phoenix may be lovely, but can you appreciate it if you couldn’t see the ashes it rose from?  Except for a few aging photographs and fading memories that part of their history is gone.

Until we have the ability to look backwards through time, VR images are as close as we can get to allowing future generations to look backwards.

Not everything needs to be recorded and preserved, but I didn’t have any ruins at my disposal, just an old construction site that is a blight on the side of the road that will go away. But I do think it gives an example of what VR Photography is good for. It allows you to evaluate what is there with much more clarity then a dozen photographs could have done.