St Mary’s Cathedral – Portland Oregon

Every picture you see on this page is a link to see more, please click on each picture on this page to see the complete presentation.

There will be three presentations, first will be a HD panorama tour of the Cathedral, second will be a pdf from St Mary’s that explains the artwork as well as a little history and finally are close ups of the stained glass. As in all of our presentations we want to remind you that this is not their web site. Please click on the ‘about …’ for their physical address and a link to their web site.

St. Mary’s Cathedral, Portland Oregon 2009

Start by clicking on the image below.

Start by clicking on the image below.

After starting the panorama, we do not have auto rotate enabled as we believe it’s more of an adventure to scroll around on your own. Just click and drag with the mouse.

You can zoom in and out to enjoy the detail and resolution provided in two of the screens. To view the Cathedral from different perspectives. select from the stacked images in the lower left hand corner, click on them.

Below is a link to St Mary’s original artwork pdf. Please load it and read about the wonder icons housed at the Cathedral.
The stained glass image will load our presentation of St Mary’s windows. Each window is titles and can be referenced in the original artwork pdf.The viewer will show each window, if you click on the windows themselves they will increase in size and detail till their full resolution has been reached.
Our header images are flattened full 360 degree panoramas. The images have been cropped so they are no longer spherical but are still the gigapixel stitched pano’sWhen you view these please remember that they are zoomable. Please zoom into the image and see the great detail available.