The Grounds

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Mt. Angel Abbey, set high above Mt. Angel on a 300 foot bluff is a century old Benedictine monastic community built in 1883 by Swiss Benedictine monks. Views from the bluff include Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, as well as the lush Willamette Valley farmland. Walking maps are available at the Retreat House and Gift Shop. The tour includes the lovely chapel and the lobby gallery and rare book room. The beautiful library, designed by Alvar Aalto, stores a priceless collection of illuminated manuscripts, and features a display of rare, hand printed books. Guided tours can be arranged by appointment. Meditative retreats at the Abbey can be arranged, for a minimal fee, by writing the Mt. Angel Abbey Retreat House, St. Benedictine, OR 97373, or by telephoning 1-503-845-3045.
When we arrived to photograph the Monastery it became apparent that there was so much more then a Church, in an attempt to do justice to such a lovely facility we have divided our presentation into segments. The Alvar Library, Church proper and Seminary grounds and even so, we feel that only the tip of the iceberg is being shown.In addition to what you find here, there are two museums, one dedicated to the Russian Orthodox Church and settlers in the area, an old stone fort, views that are stunning, a walkway lined with shrines and cemetery with a tiny Chapel.

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The Annunciation, part of the Seminary is a nationally recognized leader in ecological ‘green’ building design and is the Seminary’s newest building
Several flat pano’s are presented here, one of the old bells and the magnificent valley view beyond. Please click on the images and let them zoom in, you can read some of the writing cast into the bells. The second image is of the Church and new bell tower, you can zoom into see the texture of the bricks. I feel I can almost reach out and touch the building. Finally are wonderful images of the grounds, buildings and shrines. Enveloped by the drooping branches and leaves is The Sacred Heart of Jesus and in front of the Cloister is the Guardian Angel in white marble. Please enjoy.
Our header images are flattened full 360 degree panoramas. The images have been cropped so they are no longer spherical but are still the gigapixel stitched pano’s

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