The Retreat

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The Retreat House provides warm Benedictine hospitality within a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. Come, re energize and center yourself in the sacred surroundings of our 125-year old Abbey.

Situated on the south-east side of the Abbey hilltop, the Retreat House offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Willamette Valley to the south and a serene, peaceful view of the campus mall with our romanesque Abbey Church, bell tower and Monastery to the north.

In the Retreat House you’ll find quiet, and comfortable areas conducive to reading, rest and reflection, along with a beautiful little prayer chapel and reading room on the main floor.

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In addition to panorama’s we have a selection of fine photography of a few interior Icons.
We were commissioned to photographer the amenities of the Retreat for their website, to be used in addition to the Panographs. Below are the submitted proofs of this wonderful facility, of course we had to spend the weekend as their guests so we would know just what to present 🙂
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